Frequently asked questions

Question: Why should you buy from you?

real price comparison - with us every supplier can advertise his products for free so we are the only platform where you will find all the suppliers and therefore also the best prices.

B. Buy with coins - with us you can get coins for every purchase of a product, for every recommendation, review, review and even Like and so you can buy products with coins and save more money.

C. Reliable Recommendations - With us you will find quality and reliable recommendations on every product, our community members are rewarded for a recommendation no matter if it is positive or negative so you will get the whole truth as it is. You can even contact the recommender and correspond and consult with him and we will reward him if he has helped you.

D. Your information works for you - through your browsing behavior the system finds the products that are best for you and along the way using these insights rewards you with more and more coins that you can pay for products in the mall - the more active you are with us the more personalized experience and reward.